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If you have ever watched shows about detailed robots in lines creating amazing products in synch, Premiere Automation lives in this core function. They know how to create and optimize this very thing. Premiere Automation designs, deploys, installs, maintains, and upgrades production lines, robotized cells, power, and control solutions for automation- giving its clients confidence. Not only do they provide this unique service, they also provide training. With so many production facilities in need of precise robotics programming, it makes for a very popular service, and they have experienced a high demand from the beginning.

The South Carolina-based company saw big growth in its first years and has now been acquired. So how did Scott and Kristi Broome get into this unique space? How did a decision to outsource accounting support the goals of the company and eventually a successful acquisition? Let’s dive into the details!

Background of the Brand

Kristi and Scott Broome embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in 2017 and have been expanding ever since. Scott’s 30 years of software development experience was pivotal in supporting a successful journey of programming machines and coordinating robotics for large assembly lines.

Kristi says;

“My husband has been a software developer for over 30 years and decided to open his own business six years ago. The concept was to be only him as a contractor for suppliers, but our business quickly exploded.”

In their first year, the company soon had 15 employees and about 20 contractors working for them.

Story of the Founders

While Scott’s software expertise led the way to new business opportunities, Kristi’s role was to be the General Manager, which included managing the financial side. As the business took off quickly, Kristi left her 14-year role as a clinic manager to dedicate her time to managing their business.

“I was working full-time as a clinic manager at the University of Alabama in an ophthalmology practice. I had to quit my job of 14 years within three months of opening the business.”

What Services Does the Company Provide?

Premiere Automation offers the resources that support large assembly line operations and some rather large, well-known companies. They also provide Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and robot training globally, adding an international element to the management of the finances and operations.

Kristi narrows down what the core function of the business is.

“We provide resources that develop the software that runs the robots and assembly lines in the automotive sector like Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, and Tesla.”

How Premiere Automation Excels in Their Industry

While they specialize in dealing with robotics, the management of their company is anything but emotionless; especially when it comes to clients and team members. Even though the business grew quickly, Scott and Kristi ensured that the core of the company would remain centered around quality customer service for both clients and their growing team. They believe that a good work environment influences the creativity and performance of its professionals.

“We want to be the benchmark in engineering services in the world of automation. Therefore, we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.”

Enter: Outsourced Accounting

Kristi’s expertise is managing a medical clinic, not necessarily running the accounting of a rapidly growing robotic company. She quickly realized that the company needed to bring in a team that could support their unique (and increasing) needs.

“I was increasingly becoming overwhelmed with managing my books, paying my vendors, and profit projections.”

Kristi reached out to Accountfully and the journey began. Once the accounting team was in place, more focus could be centered around projections and forward-looking financial planning.

“Accountfully does all of my bookkeeping, all of my vendor payments, and all of my profit calculations and I am going to start having them do my invoicing.”

Now Kristi can focus on more business-building activities than being bogged down by the day-to-day tasks that were piling up. The results have been immense. Kristi says,

“It has changed my life in my business 100%. It was by far the best decision I ever made in the business. I can not say enough good things about Accountfully’s support of my business.”

The numbers reflected this feeling of forward movement.

▶︎ In the first year of outsourcing the accounting function of the business, revenue grew by 24 percent.

Now they have completed a successful sale after two years of having Accountfully by their side. As the company navigates this next phase, Accountfully is supporting Broome’s journey in finding its new controller and will continue to support a smooth transition to its new operating plan under new ownership.

Closing Thoughts

Premiere Automation is a classic and inspiring business story. Founders Scott and Kristi Broome brought their decades of experience to bring their business ideas to life and were able to accomplish their goals, and thensome. They did this by keeping their focus on their business, and not getting bogged down by the day-to-day accounting tasks that stole time from important strategic, forward-looking activities.

Once Accountfully supported Premiere Automation on the accounting side, Scott and Kristi experienced growth and success that propelled them into an acquisition and revenue that continues to grow.

Kristi says;

“To be completely honest I don’t think it would have been possible to do this acquisition without Accountfully. I wholeheartedly believe that I was led to [them] two years ago for a reason that now makes sense. Putting my books in order almost two years ago completely changed my life and the course of our business. There is no way I can explain how thankful I am for all of you.”

Looking back at the experience, Kristi urges other business owners to learn from her journey.

“Don’t try to do your books yourself, hire professionals. Trying to do it myself was by far my biggest mistake in starting a business.”

Learn More About Premiere Automation

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