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When supporting client companies across many industries, we have the pleasure of collaborating with and discovering many influential and inspiring companies, concepts, communities, and people. Industry partners are a pivotal part of supporting businesses in all areas and we are here to highlight a few of the more inspiring and helpful ones. While outsourced accounting is a large part of a company’s framework for success, it is not the only avenue that can be leveraged by an emerging business seeking growth. Enter the world of the easy, scalable financial operations platform, Ampla.

One of the biggest challenges of a consumer packaged goods brand is having access to cash.

Unlocking cash flow comes from the consistent sale of products, yet making these products requires a lot of upfront capital. Ampla provides access to a series of products like banking, capital, corporate credit cards, and insights that allow founders to grow their business and tap into how they rate alongside other similar businesses. With a suite of options like that, it’s no wonder they are a top choice for small business funding.

Story of the Brand

Access to scalable working capital is absolutely critical for the growth of consumer brands. However, Anthony Santomo, Founder/CEO of Ampla, noticed a significant lack of financial support for emerging consumer brands. The working capital gap widens as brands maintain larger quantities of inventory across various areas and warehouses. Without sufficient cash flow, companies are compelled to reject sizable purchase orders they cannot fulfill, or seek additional investments, which may lead to dilution among investors. These options are far from ideal for achieving profitable growth.

Conventional banks often struggle to support these innovative brands with diverse income streams, while fixed-fee Merchant Cash Advances can introduce financial complexities that hinder future cash requirements.

Ampla offers a comprehensive solution through its financial platform, addressing all revenue channels and aligning with the founders’ objectives for the company

Ampla’s Products

Ampla is a financial operating platform purpose-built for consumer brands. Ampla empowers brand leaders by centralizing core financial products such as banking, capital, corporate cards, bill pay, and actionable insights within one intuitive platform.

Ampla’s Growth Line-of-Credit and Corporate Card products fill a void left by traditional banks that have been unable to serve consumer brands at scale.

How Ampla Stands Out

Ampla takes a holistic approach to underwriting, avoiding the narrow focus on e-commerce or hard assets which allows us to offer significantly higher credit limits at competitive rates. Furthermore, as businesses scale, the credit limit grows alongside it month to month.

How It Supports the Small Business Industry

Ampla offers consumer businesses capital, money management tools, and actionable insights all within one intuitive platform to fuel growth. To see the specifics behind how they have helped brands, explore a variety of case studies from industries like apparel and food and beverage here.

Many brands have seen growth by leveraging Ampla’s financial products and these spotlights share the specifics behind the how and the why.

What’s New

Ampla’s expense management features of their Visa corporate credit card are worth taking a second look at. This new categorization feature is aimed at simplifying coding transactions and streamlining expense reporting.

▶︎ Read more about this handy feature, here.

Ampla’s Advice to Business Owners Seeking Success

Understand your true cost of capital. For a lot of emerging brands, it may be confusing to calculate the true cost of merchant cash advances. The good news is that Ampla has a simple cost calculator located on the website. It is a great first step to see what those prospective loans could cost you.

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