Press Release: Accountfully Expands Its Services and Develops New Tools to Better Serve Its Inventory Based Clients

2 min readAug 29, 2020


By Providing More Tools, Resources, and Content Focused Around Inventory Accounting, Accountfully has Deepened its Value to Inventory Based Clients

CHARLESTON, SC — August 27, 2020 — Accountfully has announced its expansion of services, proprietary tools and resources to better serve its growing inventory based client base.

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh knows that a huge part of the success in this industry is quality inventory accounting. “Most of our clients are inventory based companies, many within the consumer packaged goods or natural food and drink space. In order for their business to grow, they need the right tools and up to date financial information to make big decisions. That is where we come in.”

Accountfully’s Inventory Department was fully established in early 2020, where resources were dedicated to the inventory needs of its clients. This allowed more focus to be put toward finalizing the Inventory Workbook. This proprietary tool maps key product information; SKUs, pricing, vendors, inventory locations and warehouses, distribution and sales channels, and the supplier-to-finished goods process. By auditing the steps and having all of the information in one place, the client can better understand areas they are profitable, and areas they can improve.

More content has been produced surrounding inventory accounting. Accountfully’s first eBook, The Inventory Handbook, is available to download on the website. This 15 page overview relays the complexities of inventory management in an easy to understand, casual tone. It introduces readers to the Inventory Workbook and how it helps companies of all sizes better manage inventory. The goal of this eBook is to offer an easy to understand overview of inventory accounting and help businesses use their inventory to grow by better understanding its profitability.

Accountfully offers two new groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, called the Accountfully Alliance. These groups are for business owners seeking accounting and operations related advice. It offers a safe place to ask questions and learn from CPG companies and industry stakeholders. Relevant articles and interviews with Accountfully’s clients and colleagues will be posted to spur discussion.

Clients of Accountfully span the nation and come from many industries; from digital agencies to food entrepreneurs. The enterprise plans on continuing its growth, and helping small businesses grow by keeping them focused on their craft and out of the books.


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