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You’ve met our people, our clients, and learned more about the teams that support our services, but how about the services, themselves? Welcome to the Accountfully service spotlight series, where we share the details on each outsourced accounting service. Find out what we offer, how it can help, and see if it is a good fit for your business.

Taxes are typically one of the first things most businesses think about when they need to leverage some type of accounting professional. We have CPAs who are ready to help you with all your tax needs so that it’s no longer a worry for you or your business. We work with clients on both business tax preparation and personal tax preparation.

Our proactive approach means we can monitor your taxes during the year with strategic tax advisory services. This minimizes that filing season chaos and any tax-time surprises. We process quarterly tax payments, sales and franchise tax payments, in addition to personal property taxes. Our skilled tax team can also manage the 1099 filing process.

What Is It?

Accountfully’s Tax services make a clear-cut enhancement to the standard accounting package because we have all of your basic information and understand the inner workings of your business already. For new companies and for any company that may be considering a restructure, we review legal and tax structures to help you understand your tax scenarios. We can also help with strategic reviews to plan for upcoming tax liabilities. On the flip side, if you’ve had any past challenges filing your taxes, we can help you get back on track, so you can move forward with a clean slate.

When Do I Need It?

The most common need is for yearly business and/or personal filing. Outside of the yearly requirements, any business will benefit from a more proactive approach to planning, filing, and managing tax liabilities, with tax advisory support. Regular year-round tax duties like managing and planning for quarterly tax payments, and planning for and filing sales taxes are just the tip of the tax iceberg.

Many common business milestones will have tax implications that can be navigated in confidence with a tax team in your corner. Things like choosing the best type of business entity structure or navigating changes, business sale and/or changes in ownership, change in method of accounting, retirement planning, sales tax nexus review, and more.

Which Type(s) of Businesses Benefit?

Our tax services support a wide range of business types and business goals. We work with both closely held businesses, as well as those that require raising money from outside investors. Business and tax considerations can vary for each, depending on what the goal of the founders/investors are. For example, tax support may differ for those planning on running and maintaining a profitable business for many years, versus those growing very quickly with the goal of selling the company in the near-term.

Inline with our diverse experience providing outsourced accounting services overall, we provide tax services for a wide range of business types. Those that are product or inventory based, service based, start ups, and more. Many of our clients are food and drink businesses, architecture firms, creative agencies, non-profits, and start up tech companies as an example. Chances are, we have seen many examples of your type of business and can offer helpful guidance and support.

How Much Does It Cost?

Keep in mind, the most accurate pricing depends on your specific situation and/or current service level with Accountfully. Generally speaking, clients are charged based upon the basic filing type they need. Pricing will change depending on the level of complexity and the amount of additional hourly support required.

Here are the basics to get a sense of what our tax services will cost:

  • Business Returns are a minimum of $1,000, which includes federal filing and one state
  • Individual Returns start at $750
  • Tax Planning and Advisory is billed at $250 per hour. Our most popular tax planning service is preparation of quarterly tax payments. A typical timing cadence is about two to three hours of work, with the option to schedule a planning meeting which ranges from an hour to two, depending on the client’s preference. Many of these clients will also schedule an end-of-year review meeting with the tax team to review their current tax position, and discuss any opportunities they can take advantage of in the upcoming year.

Since taxes are one of our more ad-hoc type services, it is a good idea to discuss your unique needs with us in detail to determine the best fit. Once we can understand the scope of the project, we can provide a much better sense of pricing.

What Do I Get?

Outside of yearly tax filing, Accountfully serves as a trusted tax advisor to clients. When you adopt a year round strategy, it serves you better in the long run. Our service offerings are designed to support a proactive approach, so that you can plan intelligently and make informed business tax decisions. Our team of skilled tax accounting experts stay current in their industry and are poised to offer advice so you are set up for success.

Generally speaking, you get:

  • Tax Compliance: We prepare annual Income Tax returns for corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and their related owners.︎
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculations: We work proactively with our clients to help them manage their tax obligations throughout the year to avoid unexpected surprises.
  • Entity Structure: We work with our clients to review the pros and cons of various entity structures and work with them to make an educated decision. We also support our clients through the tax considerations of changing their entity structure.‍
  • Ad-hoc planning and advisory services: Our team has the background and resources to advise our clients on the tax consequences of a variety of business and personal scenarios, including:
  1. The sale of their business
  2. Changes in ownership
  3. Methods of accounting
  4. Qualified business income deduction planning
  5. Research and Development tax credit
  6. State tax nexus reviews
  7. Sales tax support
  8. Retirement planning

How Do I Get Started?

If you are a current client of Accountfully, we likely have the info and access we need to get started.

For new clients, we will start by learning about your business and addressing the service level that meets your needs. You can start by sharing the basic details of your business and scheduling a call on our contact page.

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